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About Us

The NutMutt Story - How It Started

Passion for dessert and passion for health lead us to contemplate the question; Why can't we have our sweets and eat it too?

At NutMutt, we believe in the possibility of satisfying our sweet tooth's without worrying about sacrificing our health.

Our pistachio spread is made with all organic ingredients, including organic California grown pistachios. Better yet, our pistachio spread is low in sugar and all-natural, formulated without artificial additives or preservatives. All ingredients have been carefully curated with your health in mind, but also your sweet tooth.

Ultimately, we've combined the perfect amounts of the right ingredients and found the optimum balance between healthy and sweet. It's a decadent dessert spread without unnecessary amounts of what your body doesn't need.

We believe you can have your pistachio spread, and eat it too.

- Celine Mirzaian

How It's Going

At NutMutt, we believe in sustainability and we believe we have a role in helping Mother Earth maintain its ecological balance. We try our best in exploring sustainable options for packaging and shipping of our delicious nut spread, so we can all feel better about not only what we consume, but also what we expend.

BioStone Labels

All of our labels are made from stone, a smart and eco friendly alternative.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We try our best in being as eco friendly as we can at NutMutt. We use 100% PCW shipping boxes and materials when it comes to packaging.

Recyclable Jars

The jars we use to package our delicious nut spread are both recyclable and BPA-free.

Retailers - Erewhon Market

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